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Welcome to Blue Giraffe Boutique!


What we sell?

We are an online boutique with jewelry and accessories for women and children. We carry things that are not sold in most local retail stores, are from emerging artist and are high quality. Also, whenever possible, we bring you US handcrafted and eco-friendly products (noted in product descriptions.) When selecting items for the site we look for things that are as unique and beautiful as the person that will be wearing them!


Why we were formed?

Upon moving back to Orlando, FL from Southern California I was not working and began seeing the community around me in a very different light. I discovered that there were a number of children living in hotels and homeless shelters. I wanted to do something to help and began thinking "what is something that I enjoy that could be helpful or engaging to others?".  I began to buy books and have book fairs for the children. The events grew as did the venues. I have now placed more than 4,000 books in homeless shelters and hotels.

Therefore, to support my newfound passion financially and my love for beautiful, fun jewelry, Blue Giraffe Boutique was created.  At Blue Giraffe Boutique, we are also committed to sharing a portion of all proceeds with organizations that share our passion for helping others.  Our goal is to provide customers with unique, beautiful, US made products as well as support the community.


Why the name Blue Giraffe Boutique?

Blue is my favorite color and giraffes are one of my favorite animals. Also, I found that Giraffes share several characteristics to the many amazing women that I know and have met during this journey- see if you agree:

The Giraffe – DID YOU KNOW?

  • Their heart is 2 feet long and weighs about 25 pounds and beats up to 170 times/minute (big active hearts)
  • The heart's muscular walls are several inches thick and can gallop 31-37 miles per hour (very athletic)
  • Oxpeckers (tick birds) are often seen "hitching" a ride on the backs of Giraffes. They help keep the Giraffe parasite free by eating ticks and other parasites off of the Giraffes skin. (always giving someone a free ride )
  • Mom Giraffes form a type of daycare for their young. One of the females in the heard will stay behind and baby sits all of the youngsters while the rest of the females go out foraging for food. (ALWAYS helping others and the community for the good of all!)
  • Females use their hooves as weapons only to defend their young.
  • They are strong enough to kill a lion, which is the Giraffe's only real predator. (Need I say anymore!)
  • Can rest standing up
  • Usually only sleep 5 minutes at a time (Can you relate?)


How can you help?

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THANK YOU for getting to know Blue Giraffe Boutique! We would love to hear from you about our products or things you would like to see on our site. Contact us at: Debbie@bluegiraffeboutique.com